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Be Sure You Do Not Void The Warranty On The HVAC System In Your Home

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hvac contractorImmediately after you buy an HVAC system for your home, you must check the warranty coverage information that comes with the unit. In many cases, homeowners have not read the warranty information. Consequently, they use the system without realizing that they may actually be voiding the warranty if they are not careful. In the warranty document, you will learn information about the conditions that affect heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and the replacement of parts. Keeping the warranty valid enables homeowners to save money if there is a problem with the system within a specific period. [maxbutton id="5" text="Explore Our HVAC Installation Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Now To Schedule A Free In-Home Estimate" ]

How To Avoid Voiding HVAC Warranty Ellington CT

You must follow the terms of the HVAC warranty if you do not wish to void the conditions. The terms may be different for each manufacturer. Here are some mistakes that homeowners make that may cancel the warranty and end up costing them a lot of money.

1. Failing To Register The HVAC Equipment

When you buy a new piece of cooling or heating equipment, you probably cannot wait to start using it right away. However, do not forget to fill out the necessary paperwork. If you do not file the paperwork immediately, you are making a costly mistake. Many HVAC manufacturers now let you enter your paperwork online. However, it is all too easy to forget to do it if you set the information aside. Doing so will cause significant problems in the future. If there is a failure with your HVAC system and your warranty is not registered, you may not be able to retrieve the required information later. You may need to redo the entire process before you can have anyone repair the system. Unfortunately, this will lead to a delay in having your equipment serviced. Some companies will void the warranty completely if the homeowner has not registered it within a timeframe. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Today: (860) 745-0326" ]

2. An Unqualified Person Installs The HVAC Unit

HVAC technicianYou may have a friend who is good at installing appliances heor you may be good at installing appliances yourself. You may think you can simply install your HVAC system without a professional. Very often, HVAC manufacturers specify that only a properly licensed HVAC contractor is allowed to install the cooling or heating system or the warranty is void. Very often, general contractors or handymen who do home improvement projects will offer to do HVAC installation services. They charge an affordable fee so that homeowners who want to spend less money on installation will hire them. However, having someone install the system who does not have the correct installation requirements may void the HVAC warranty. You should never hire anyone to install HVAC equipment unless you have checked to ensure that they are properly insured, licensed, and bonded. [maxbutton id="5" text="Learn More About Our Heating & Cooling Installations" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Call To Make An Appointment" ]

3. Using Third-Party Brands For HVAC Replacement Parts

Homeowners are often told to use OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) when they need a replacement part. This is an important step that many homeowners neglect. OEM parts have undergone rigorous testing so you can be certain they are going to be compatible with your HVAC system. More than likely, you will not have any issues with your warranty if you use OEM parts as replacements. If there are problems that come up, you can easily make a successful warranty claim when you use the specified parts. You will run into warranty problems if you use products manufactured by a third party. These replacement parts are usually safe to use, but they may not be guaranteed to work properly with your particular HVAC system. If your HVAC system stops working, your warranty may not cover repair costs, especially when using third party products. This aspect is valid even if the third party products did not cause the problem.

4. Neglecting Annual HVAC System Maintenance

An HVAC system must undergo regular maintenance. Heating and cooling equipment requires an annual tune-up to work correctly and ensure the efficiency of the system. It will also help you save on the cost of energy to heat and cool your home. Annual HVAC system maintenance will help your equipment last longer. Many HVAC brands require an annual system tune-up by a licensed contractor. If you do not have annual maintenance performed, they may void the warranty. [maxbutton id="5" text="Explore Our HVAC Tune-Ups" ]

Call Miller Oil Company For All Of Your HVAC Requirements

The warranty on your HVAc system is a valuable asset to protect your investment. Be sure to pay attention to all the conditions that might void it. Also, you should keep all records for the system, including the receipts. This will help ensure you have proof when there is a problem. Reach out to Miller Oil Company for reliable heating and cooling services. We have a team of experienced and licensed technicians who are ready to help you improve system performance and efficiency. Our company offers better HVAC solutions than any competitor. You can expect affordable rates for tune-ups, repairs, and installations. We can even provide free consultations at your home. Call Miller Oil Company today to set up an appointment. Some of the areas we service include Broad Brook, Ellington, Somers, Somersville and these zip codes 06016, 06029, 06071, 06072 as well as all surrounding areas in Tolland County, Connecticut. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Now: (860) 745-0326" ] Click here to contact us today or give us a call at (860) 745-0326 if you have any questions.

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Signs That Indicate The Need For An AC Repair

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air conditioner repairHome air conditioners are very reliable in most cases, but as they age, they can develop problems. If you have a suspicion that something is wrong, take steps to have it fixed immediately. It is cheaper and faster to solve the problem early. Ask an expert HVAC contractor to inspect your home AC system.

Signs That Tell You Its Time For An Air Conditioner Repair East Windsor Hill CT

It is essential to know what to look for when your air conditioner is not working correctly. In this article, we discuss some signs that your AC unit may need repair. By knowing the signs, you can address the problem quickly. Doing so will prevent the issue from escalating and costing you more. [maxbutton id="6" text="Explore Our Air Conditioner Repair Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Schedule A Free, In-Home Estimate" ]

1. The AC Is Making Odd Sounds

A cooling system should work quietly. You may hear it humming in the background, but the noise should be soft, and it should not disturb anyone. You can get your work done peacefully and sleep well even when the unit is working. However, sometimes there may be strange and startling noises that grab your attention. A sound of rattling, grinding, or buzzing is not normal and can indicate there is a problem.

2. Water Is Leaking Out Of The Air Conditioner

Some condensation is normal with an air conditioner as the water vapor in the air can condense into droplets on the coils. There are drain channels in the system to drain out the water and prevent leakage and mold. If you see water leaking, it can mean there is a blockage that must be cleaned immediately. Do not allow the leak to persist as it can become worse and may damage the interior of the home. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Today: (860) 745-0326" ]

3. Bad Odors In The AC Unit

bad air conditioning smellsThere are impurities in the air that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. However, these can often be detected by the nose if a lot of them are present. A lot of air goes through the AC unit each day. This air can carry dust, dirt, and various microorganisms. The air filter in the unit cannot catch all these particles. If you detect a foul smell from the AC unit, it should be thoroughly cleaned and serviced by an expert technician.

4. The AC Turns On And Off Frequently

Usually, an AC unit turns on and off regularly. In hot summer months, the cycling becomes more frequent as the unit works harder to keep the air cool. However, if the cycles become very rapid, the performance of the unit will suffer, and the air will not cool properly. If this seems to be happening, have a professional examine the system. There may be a faulty piece of equipment that needs a replacement.

5. Humidity Level In The Home Is Too High

Air conditioners not only regulate air temperature, but they also reduce the humidity in the home. This is important since air that is too humid in the home can make people feel sticky and warm even when the temperature is low. A properly working air conditioner will offer comfort at a moderate setting. If the moisture level remains high, you should have the AC unit checked and recalibrated. A dehumidifier can also help. [maxbutton id="6" text="Learn More About Our Repair Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Make An Appointment" ]

6. Home Is Uncomfortable

broken cooling systemIt is very frustrating to have the air conditioner unit running and still feel no relief from the heat. If the unit is unable to cool the home properly even after it has been running a long time, it may have a serious problem. Some basic diagnostics may help you pinpoint what the problem might be. Check to see if the setting on the thermostat needs to be adjusted. Perhaps the air compressor is not working. Also, ensure that the air filters are clean. If necessary, call in a service technician to check the entire system.

7. Poor Flow Of Air Through AC Unit

The unit will become less efficient if the air is not flowing through it properly. This can be caused by an air filter that is clogged and needs to be changed. Also, you may have a broken motor. A ventilator may also be required.

8. Unexplainable, Rising Energy Bills

If energy bills for air conditioning are rising, this is a sign you must not ignore. High energy costs will hurt your pocketbook, so you should act quickly. A home cooling system uses more energy than other appliances so that is the first thing you should check. You may be able to solve the problem by replacing parts that are broken. If the unit is old, it may be best to replace the entire AC system with one that is modern and highly efficient.

Miller Oil Company Can Take Care Of Your HVAC Problems

When you need an HVAC company that can repair, replace, or service your air conditioning unit, call Miller Oil Company. We have highly trained technicians who know how to keep the AC in your home working properly. If your AC unit is working at its best, you will spend less money on the cost of cooling your home. You will avoid unnecessary repairs, and your home will be more comfortable. We provide affordable HVAC services, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. Call Miller Oil Company today to book an appointment. We offer free in-home estimates and second opinions. Some of the areas we service include East Windsor, East Windsor Hill, South Windsor, Windsor and these zip codes 06088, 06028, 06074, 06006 as well as all surrounding areas in Hartford County, Connecticut. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Now: (860) 745-0326" ] Click here to contact us today or give us a call at (860) 745-0326 if you have any questions.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

How To Solve Unevenly Cooled Areas In Your Home

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hvac repairHome, sweet home. The only place where you get to relax and be yourself. How efficient your air conditioning unit can refresh your house during the summer often influences your relaxation experience and your mood. When you experience acute temperature differences in different areas of your home, you might wonder why.

Air Conditioner Repair East Windsor CT: Causes  Of Temperature Imbalances In Your Home

Today we will talk about some of the possible explanations for temperature imbalances. We will also explain what to do to solve this issue. The HVAC unit is responsible for keeping your home comfy and cool when it is hot outside. When your home has uneven temperatures, you'd better call your trusted HVAC service provider. Before calling, however, here are some other things to consider. [maxbutton id="6" text="Explore Our Air Conditioner Repair Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Schedule A Free, In-Home Consultation" ]

Check HVAC Air Filters And Air Vents

First of all, you need to remember if you changed the furniture arrangement in your house. It is important to keep air vents unobstructed by any obstacles, including furniture. This is essential to ensure the cool air can move around the room with ease. Also, windows and doors must be properly sealed to avoid losing cool air. Make sure that your home has the proper amount of insulation as well. Another thing you can check out is how clean the air vents are. Dirt, dust, and debris may partially or totally block some of them. Keeping the air pathways clean and open is also essential and simple to do. Dirty HVAC air filters can also affect your air conditioning unit's capability for cooling your home. Also, obstructed air filters will cause your HVAC to work harder than necessary, which will spike electricity bills unnecessarily. Another money drain in this equation is the likely possibility of premature wear and tear of the parts of the air conditioning system. This problem leads to the need of unnecessary air conditioner repairs and even premature AC unit replacements.

Schedule An Inspection And Cleaning Of Your Home Air Ducts

hvac ductsIn theory, the cool air should travel through the ductwork in your home and reach each of the rooms. In practice, when the ducts have leaks or are simply dirty, that leads to uneven indoor temperatures throughout the house. Air ducts need regular cleaning performed by pros. Also, promoting regular ductwork inspection helps to identify air leaks that need sealing. The ducts should be insulated as well, to avoid such leaks. When you perform regular maintenance in your home's ductwork, you can expect uniform indoor temperatures with energy efficiency. You will certainly notice an improvement in indoor air quality as well.

Does Your HVAC Unit Size Match Your Home's Needs?

This mistake is seen all too often. Homeowners believe they need bigger HVAC systems to have a house that is properly cooled. It is not all times that bigger is better. If the HVAC system is too big for a home, then it will not cycle completely, and the house will still be unevenly cooled. [maxbutton id="1" text="Make An Appointment" ]

Cooling Is Affected By Home Extensions

air conditioner technicianWhat will probably cause the need for a bigger HVAC unit is an extension project in your house. A new addition to your home creates an additional space that needs to be cooled. If you have added a room or increased the habitable space inside your home, your best bet is to call a reliable HVAC service provider. If you are still under construction, remember you can take the opportunity to invest in energy-efficient windows and doors for the newly-built section.

Do You Need A Replacement For Your Old AC Unit?

It might simply be the case that your system is approaching the end of its useful lifespan and needs a replacement. The simplest way to find out if this is your case is to identify the rooms that are being adequately cooled. Determine the ones that are having cooling issues. One of the signs that your HVAC system is too old is the lack of power to maintain air pressure. In this case, the rooms closer to the system are well cooled, while the areas further away from it will not be as efficiently cooled. This symptom is also the signal of your HVAC unit not being as big as needed for your home.

Improve HVAC Performance By Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Servicing your HVAC regularly ensures that your air conditioning unit is always well maintained, offering optimal performance. These inspections and tune-ups also help technicians to identify the areas that may need attention. For example, another common reason for uneven cooling indoors is low levels of refrigerant. This is simple to avoid with regular HVAC maintenance and fast to fix when addressed immediately. [maxbutton id="6" text="Learn More About Our AC Repair Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Today: (860) 745-0326" ]

Call Miller Oil Company For Your Cooling Needs

For reliable HVAC services, contact Miller Oil Company. We offer superior HVAC maintenance, including air conditioning tune-ups, repairs, and replacements. Our HVAC techs have the best training and qualifications. They understand what is necessary to keep your AC working at top efficiency. Efficient AC operation saves you money on unnecessary air conditioner repairs and ongoing cooling costs. Furthermore, it will ensure that your AC will always keep your home fresh and comfy. Our HVAC services are affordable. We guarantee your satisfaction and back up our work. Call Miller Oil Company now to schedule your appointment. We offer free estimates and free second opinions. Some of the areas we service include Broad Brook, East Windsor, Poquonock, Windsor Locks and these zip codes 06016, 06088, 06064, 06096 as well as all surrounding areas in Hartford County, Connecticut. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Now: (860) 745-0326" ] Click here to contact us today or give us a call at (860) 745-0326 if you have any questions.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Summer HVAC Tips For Homeowners

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air conditioner maintenanceHomeowners should not wait until their air conditioning stops working before they call for professional help. They can avoid expensive repairs by having their HVAC system maintained regularly. They should book their professional air conditioning maintenance appointment each spring to make sure their system is running efficiently before the hot summer season arrives. However, if you did not schedule an annual tune-up in the spring, it is better late than never. There are several benefits to having HVAC system maintenance performed. It improves the quality of air in the home, keeping everybody in the household healthier. It increases the effectiveness of the system, which reduces energy costs. Furthermore, it also prevents the system from breaking down on the hottest days of the year, which can leave homeowners without air conditioning when they need it the most.

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HVAC Maintenance East Granby CT: Summer HVAC Tips For Homeowners

There are several great ways for people to prevent air conditioning problems. The following HVAC system maintenance tips will help to keep everything running smoothly.

Change Out Your HVAC System Air Filters Regularly

Check your HVAC air filter each month to see if it needs to be replaced. Dirty air filters reduce airflow throughout the house, putting a strain on the system. The filters are designed to trap dust and common allergens, keeping the air in the home clean. There are both disposable and reusable HVAC filters on the market. Disposable filters are affordable and convenient, but those who are concerned about environmental waste can choose to use a reusable filter. When choosing a reusable air filter, it is a good idea to select a brand that prevents mold and bacteria from forming. Reusable filters should be cleaned every one to three months. Homeowners need to make sure they purchase the correct size of air filter for their system. Selecting a good HVAC air filter will improve the efficiency of the HVAC system, keeping the home at a comfortable temperature and lowering energy bills.

Install A Modern Thermostat In Your East Granby Home

Technology has improved over the years, so homeowners who have an old fashioned thermostat should consider installing a new and improved smart thermostat. A high-tech programmable thermostat offers features that will help to reduce energy costs. A smart thermostat uses sensors to change the temperature settings automatically and allows homeowners to adjust settings while away from home. They are perfect for those who want to save money on their energy bills and have the option to control the temperature of their home while they are at work or on vacation. As the seasons change, homeowners should change the settings on their thermostat to keep their home at a comfortable temperature.

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Keep The Outdoor Condenser Free From Debris & Vegetation

outdoor condenserOver time the outdoor air conditioning unit can become clogged with dirt and debris. The outdoor unit must be kept clean to keep the HVAC system running smoothly. Homeowners can clean the unit themselves when they notice that it is becoming dirty, but this is a time-consuming process. An easier option is to call a professional HVAC maintenance and repair company to clean the condenser unit for them. The space surrounding the outdoor condenser unit should be clean to ensure proper airflow. Homeowners should not store lawn furniture or other outdoor items too close to their air conditioning unit. The area should also be free from plants and trees that could prevent natural airflow. When the area surrounding the outdoor unit remains clean, the HVAC unit will run efficiently.

Clean Air Registers & Vents

Homeowners can use a vacuum to remove regular dust build-up from their air registers. If the registers are very dirty, they can carefully remove them and wash them with soap and water, using a sponge or soft brush to remove the dirt. After the vent grill dries they can re-install it. People who suffer from seasonal allergies or have pets can benefit from having a more thorough cleaning performed by trained professionals. HVAC system experts recommend yearly AC tune-ups that include professional cleaning.

Get An Air Conditioner Tune-Up From A Professional HVAC Company

AC tune-up in a residential homeSchedule an air conditioning system tune-up with a professional company in spring or early summer. An experienced technician can check to make sure everything is in working order. They will clean and lubricate the HVAC system to keep it performing efficiently. They will look for any problems with the system and let homeowners know if they detect any issues. If they find minor problems before they worsen, it will save the expense of making major repairs. A thorough tune-up usually takes between sixty and ninety minutes to complete.

Have Your HVAC Air Ducts Cleaned When Necessary

The air ducts in the home should be cleaned every one to five years. A thorough cleaning will improve the quality of indoor air and help the HVAC system to work as efficiently as possible. A professional technician can inspect ductwork to make sure it is adequately sealed and determine whether or not it needs cleaning.

Seal Your HVAC Ducts Correctly

An easy way for individuals to reduce their energy costs is to make sure the air ducts in their home are correctly sealed. Cracks and gaps in ductwork allow cooled air to escape, which is a waste of money. Having professionals seal and insulate air ducts prevents air leakage, which results in a cooler house and lower monthly energy bills.

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Call Miller Oil Company For All Of Your Cooling Needs

Homeowners who want to keep their home HVAC system in excellent condition should book an appointment with a trustworthy HVAC company. Miller Oil Company offers heating and cooling tune-ups, repairs, and installations at affordable prices. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Call now to book an appointment with Miller Oil Company today. Some of the areas we service include East Granby, Granby, Tariffville, Windsor Locks and these zip codes 06026,06035, 06081, 06096 as well as all surrounding areas in Hartford County, Connecticut.

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Why You Should Leave HVAC Maintenance To The Professionals

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HVAC contractorA lot of people devote their weekends to household maintenance to save a bit of money. If you are one of these DIY enthusiasts, then you might have considered tinkering with the cooling and heating system to lower your expenses. It does seem like a logical progression if you have already fixed other appliances around the house. However, this is not recommended by HVAC experts as untrained hands may cause more harm than good.

DIY Versus Professional HVAC Maintenance Broad Brook CT

It is essential to know why an experienced HVAC technician remains the overwhelming choice when it comes to heating and cooling equipment repair and maintenance. This article will go through the simple tasks that homeowners may handle, as well as the complex tasks that should be given to the skilled pros.

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Easy HVAC Maintenance Tasks For Homeowners

Filter Changes dirty HVAC filterThe most elementary task is the changing of the air filters. This should be performed regularly, as indicated in the owner's manual. Layers of dirt build up on the surface over time and prevent the HVAC system from functioning with optimal efficiency. The likelihood of breakdowns increases while the service life decreases. This should also be a concern because of the negative effect on indoor air quality. Manufacturers typically recommend filter replacement every two months or so. However, every home is different. Therefore, check your filter monthly and replace it when necessary. System Cleaning HVAC systems should be kept in clean environments. Homeowners can certainly clean up the surrounding area around the equipment by themselves. The goal is to minimize the amount of dirt and dust that can get inside while improving airflow. Sealing doors and windows is another vital task for those who wish to lower their energy expenses. Once you have completed all of these, you can leave the rest to the pros.

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Why It Is More Economical To Hire A Professional HVAC Company

HVAC consultationIt may seem counter-intuitive, but you can save more money by paying an HVAC technician to do the complex work. They should visit at least two times per year. The first is to get the AC ready for summer and the second is to get the furnace primed for winter. If no additional work is required, then HVAC maintenance visits should last about an hour. HVAC pros will perform a comprehensive inspection of the entire HVAC system. They will test various parts to confirm proper operation. Several components need to undergo an examination. In a cooling system, technicians will:
  • gauge the blower motor
  • calibrate the thermostat
  • inspect the bearings
  • clean the coils
  • test the refrigerant pressure
  • unclog the condensate drain
  • ensure proper AC operation
The heating system will go through a similar process. Technicians will:
  • adjust the fan belts
  • check the circuits
  • test for carbon monoxide
  • gauge the return/supply differential
  • ensure safe operation for the exhaust system
  • clean up the burners and heat exchangers for greater efficiency
So why should a licensed HVAC contractor do this type of work? Mainly because they have received the training necessary to perform these tasks quickly and properly. They also possess all of the equipment required for the job. They go through rigorous certification and continuing education to enhance their knowledge of the newest systems and methods. Thanks to their experience, they can work faster and get better results than untrained individuals. Regular homeowners can attempt to inspect the system themselves, but they could miss vital signs of damage.

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About The Safety Of HVAC Equipment

Maintenance is one thing; HVAC repairs and installations are another. These are even more complicated processes that require skilled hands. Remember, cooling systems involve refrigerants and electronic circuits. If you get things wrong, then you may end up causing an accidental fire. Heating systems are even more dangerous. Those that use fossil fuels need to be handled carefully since these materials are combustible. Explosions can lead to death or serious injuries. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also possible in HVAC systems that were installed incorrectly. Ultimately, it is much better to spend a bit of money rather than risk the wellbeing of your family.


Reach out to Miller Oil Company for reliable heating and cooling services. We have a team of experienced and licensed technicians who are ready to help you improve system performance and efficiency. Our company offers better HVAC solutions than any competitor. You can expect affordable rates for tune-ups, repairs, and installations. We can even provide free consultations at your home. Call Miller Oil Company today to set up an appointment. Some of the areas we service include Broad Brook, East Windsor, Ellington, Melrose and these zip codes 06016, 06088, 06029, 06049 as well as all surrounding areas in Hartford County, Connecticut.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Incredible Indoor Air Quality Myths

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indoor air qualityThe air you breathe significantly impacts our health and life. There are various sources, such as the TV or the internet, that discuss numerous myths concerning indoor air quality. However, understanding the science behind it all is the only avenue through which to separate fact from fiction.

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Common Myths About Indoor Air Quality Bloomfield CT

Below are some pertinent facts about indoor air quality and the many myths that surround it:

Myth Number One: Indoor Air Is Healthier Than Outdoor Air

In the majority of cities throughout the world, outside air is more or less polluted. Obviously, this is a cause for concern. However, many believe that higher quality air exists indoors. Nevertheless, most closed spaces, such as those within buildings, have a lower air quality due to both organic and chemical contaminants. For this reason, making sure that clean air is circulated through the structure is of the utmost importance.

Myth Number Two: Air Quality Can be Improved By Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are a quick fix to combat odd smells and odors. Using such deodorizers typically create a more pleasant aroma in the room. However, because products of this type contain chemicals, prolonged and regular use of such formulas can lead to a chemical buildup in the air that may ultimately affect your breathing.

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Myth Number Three: The HVAC System Does Not Affect Indoor Air Quality

HVAC air filterMany individuals associate their HVAC systems with cooling and heating only. However, they fail to realize that the way these systems function can also influence their home's indoor air quality. Many experts agree that poor air quality in a dwelling can lead to a variety of illnesses. Fortunately, air quality can be improved by making sure homes, offices, and other buildings are heated and cooled at a comfortable and consistent temperature, and by properly maintaining the system overall. Forced air HVAC systems typically filter the air before introducing it to living spaces. Having the HVAC unit maintained regularly is the best way to ensure healthy air in the home. Neglected cooling and heating systems cannot effectively function. Instead, it will circulate pollutants, dust, and debris through its vents and ductwork.

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Myth Number Four: Indoor Air Quality Can Be Improved by Opening Windows

In most cities, noxious gases, particulate matter and other pollutants are present in the air. Therefore, to improve the air in the home, one must do more than merely open windows. Instead, homeowners should consider adding a ventilator to the HVAC system in the house. The ventilator will then filter the air, thus allowing the HVAC system to circulate clean air into various living spaces of the home.

Myth Number Five: Ozone Generators Keep Indoor Air Clean

Many commercial and residential buildings install ozone gas generators to deal with odors, chemicals, and other pollutants. Unfortunately, ozone gases may present health risks to humans and are associated with conditions such as respiratory ailments and throat irritation.

Myth Number Six: Humidifiers Increase Air Quality Within A Home

Throughout winter, numerous individuals run humidifiers to boost the moisture level in their home. If the air within your house is dry, contact an HVAC tech to evaluate the system and make sure it is properly functioning. Dry air may indicate leaks in the home. Additionally, homeowners should be aware of the fact that increasing moisture inside a dwelling creates the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold. Strange fumes or bad odors that cause itchy eyes or runny noses are just a few signs of bad indoor air quality. Ultimately, it is vital that you pay serious attention to the type of air you breathe within your office or home. The HVAC system in any structure plays a crucial role in keeping temperatures comfortable. It also ensures that healthy air circulates within the building. One of the best ways to guarantee good indoor air quality in a home is to schedule regular service visits with a qualified HVAC technician.


Contact Miller Oil Company for superior HVAC services. Also, whenever you need information or tips about the best ways to improve the air quality in your home, you can contact us. Our skilled and knowledgeable HVAC technicians have a thorough understanding concerning which techniques do the most to boost the quality of your indoor air and make your home a healthier place in which to live. As mentioned above, to prevent indoor air pollution, schedule an annual tune-up of your HVAC system. You should also refrain from procrastinating repairs if you think your HVAC system is not functioning correctly. Having a system that runs at maximum efficiency will prevent contaminants from circulating throughout your dwelling. It will also keep your home more comfortable and decrease your energy costs. Schedule your appointment with Miller Oil Company today and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home. Some of the areas we service include Bloomfield, Simsbury, Weatogue, Windsor and these zip codes 06002, 06070, 06089, 06006 as well as all surrounding areas in Hartford County, Connecticut.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Spring Is Here, Have You Scheduled An AC Tune-Up?

Spring Is Here, Have You Scheduled An AC Tune-Up? originated at Miller Oil Company News

heating and cooling maintenanceIt's vital that you prepare your home for warmer temperatures as the winter months come to an end, and the promise of spring and summer is abundantly clear. Preparations take many forms, but getting the air conditioner tuned up and ready for warmer weather should be at the top of that list. Waiting until hotter days are already upon us is not in anyone's best interests. Here are some reasons you should have your A/C tune-up completed now.

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Why Scheduling Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Somers CT Is Essential

Today, we will discuss a few benefits you will receive from scheduling an air conditioning system tune-up during the spring. We will also mention why maintaining your A/C unit is one of the best ways to protect your investment.

Get The Most Efficiency From Your Air Conditioning System

energy efficient houseMaybe the best reason of all to schedule regular air conditioner tune-ups for your home's A/C is to increase its efficiency and reduce those annoying power bills. When your air conditioner is operating correctly, the temperature in each room is controlled much better while shutting off and on less frequently. It won't have to work so hard to keep your home at the desired temperature. This all adds up to less power usage. Regular tune-ups ensure that all parts move more freely and operate as they should.

Expensive HVAC Emergencies Can Be Avoided

One of the most expensive things that can happen to your air conditioning system is a malfunction. Consequently, you must call an HVAC service technician out in the hot summer for repairs. You'll likely need to be placed on a waiting list because this is a very busy time of the year. It can also be expected that the parts will be more expensive and an extra service charge will be added to the bill if it is an emergency call for repairs. However, service technicians can spot potential problems during air conditioner tune-ups before they turn into something bigger that may result in an emergency service at the most inopportune time.

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Your Air Conditioning Equipment Will Last A Lot Longer

When you ensure that you take care of your air conditioning system regularly, it is more likely to last longer. It will also operate more efficiently throughout its lifespan. Because it doesn't have to work as hard to keep you and your family comfortable, it will last longer so that you can avoid the high cost of replacing it prematurely.

Spring Tune-up Schedules Are More Flexible

Scheduling tune-ups during the spring practically ensures that you will have more flexibility of schedule. Many people wait until it gets hot to service their air conditioner. HVAC service companies are less busy during the spring and offer greater flexibility to keep their clients happy and their technicians as busy as possible. The more options you have, the more convenient tune-ups can be without spending more time than you should away from work or other activities.

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Cleaner Indoor Air Quality For Your Somers CT Home

family spending time indoorsFor many people, there is more to an air conditioner than merely keeping their home cool and comfortable. They also keep the air quality at its best. Allergies can be a problem for some, and knowing that they can get through the allergy season in a home with clean air quality makes a dramatic difference to them. An HVAC technician will clean or replace the air filters as needed during a regular A/C tune-up to keep the air quality as clean as possible during the hot summer months.

Ensuring Clear Airways With A Duct Inspection

During a regular tune-up visit, the HVAC technician will ensure that the unit can cool your space properly. During the inspection process, they will take a look at the ductwork to make sure that there is no damage or breaks. This prevents leaks and wasting energy. The technician may recommend that the ductwork receive a good cleaning to remove dust and debris that have accumulated and hamper the flow of air, causing the unit to work harder.

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It is a wise financial move to keep your air conditioner running in tip-top condition by being proactive. Schedule regular yearly air conditioner maintenance. By being prepared ahead of time for the warm season, you are also keeping an eye on its current condition. When you are searching for a high-quality HVAC company to help you keep your A/C ready for the work ahead, give Miller Oil Company a call. Our well-trained staff of NATE certified technicians has the experience needed to keep your system running correctly. You'll save money when your air conditioner is running efficiently. Regular maintenance will also prevent it from breaking down unnecessarily. That way, your home will remain nice and comfortable even during the hottest part of the summer. We offer affordable prices on all our HVAC services, and we back up our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Give Miller Oil Company a call today to schedule your appointment. Some of the areas we service include Ellington, Enfield, Somers, Somersville and these zip codes 06029, 06082, 06071, 06072 as well as all surrounding areas in Tolland County, Connecticut.

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