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The Drawbacks Of Purchasing Low-Quality Fuel Oil For Your Home

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Oil Delivery Enfield CT: The Drawbacks Of Purchasing Low-Quality Fuel Oil

In addition to experiencing a marked increase in your overall home heating costs during the coldest month of the year, there are a number of other heat-related issues that you'll probably face as well. As an example, sludge may begin to accumulate in your heating oil tank. There are numerous factors that can lead to the development of sludge in fuel oil tanks. As such, there are also many ways to address and prevent sludge formation. To start, you always want to get your fuel oil from a reputable and ethical source. You need to be diligent about performing tank inspections. Stay on top of removing snow or other debris on your tank when necessary. You also want to have a rusted or corroded tank replaced as soon as you possibly can. People should note that putting the delivery of your home heating oil off can be very risky in this respect. An empty tank leads to issues. This article talks about the importance of choosing and hiring reliable heating oil suppliers in your efforts to avoid the development of sludge. It will additionally discuss the importance of good fuel oil tank care.

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What Tank Sludge Is And Why It Forms

heating oil sludgeImpurities that are present in home heating oil gradually accumulate to create sludge. These are the particulates or contaminants are more abundant in low-quality heating oil. As time passes, these particulates start settling at the base of the tank. A low-quality home heating oil will have far more impurities than a higher quality one. This is oil that commonly comes from the bottom part of the barges and it can also be mixed with various, secondary materials. Many different types of impurities comprise sludge and settle inside of the tank. The two primary types of particulates found here are solid particulates and water.

What Causes Fuel Oil Tank Sludge?

Water can enter fuel tanks in various ways. Rainwater and condensation, however, are the two most common ways in which water enters fuel tanks. Water can enter your fuel tank if:
  • You have a cracked or split tank.
  • Any seals on your tank are damaged or broken.
  • There are one or more damaged vents on your tank.
  • The filter cap was not put on securely.
Moreover, whenever there are significant changes in temperatures, above-ground outdoor tanks can begin to develop a layer of condensation on their outer areas. This eventually begins to leach into the tank. Given that water is significantly heavier than oil, it will invariably make its way to the tank bottom and settle. Bacteria is another common problem with fuel oil tanks. Bacteria can enter these systems through vent leaks and via poor-quality fuels that are filled with impurities. Build-ups of bacteria can lead to a considerable film at the surface of the oil that is also known as sludge.

Sludge Can Affect All Forms Of Fuel Oil

Sludge can develop in any home heating oil tank. Buying higher quality heating oil for your home, however, can significantly reduce the rate of its formation. There are also many reputable home heating oil delivery companies that use a special additive in their fuel oils, designed to prevent sludge from developing as rapidly.

Tips For Preventing Sludge Development

Purchase High-Quality Home Heating Oil

oil tank lifespanThe absolute best way to prevent sludge from forming in your fuel oil tank is to buy top-quality fuel oil from a reputable supply company. Buyers often get exactly what they pay for and this is all the more true for heating oil. Many discount heating oil services do not have their own oil storage facilities. This usually means that they typically refill their trucks with the lowest-priced heating oils that they can find. There are also dealers that mix these oils with other oils that are equally impure. As an example, they may add grease or cooking oil, auto dealership waste, reclaimed oil or even cleaning solvents to their heating oil. These low-cost, low-quality oils come from the very bottom of barges as well. This oil is rife with impurities which is notorious for contaminating a home heating oil tank.

Be Diligent About Maintaining Your Heating Oil Tank

Remember that it's essential to maintain a clean heating oil tank by using high-quality fuel. You should additionally have your fuel oil tank regularly inspected. You should schedule professional checks on a regular basis for signs of corrosion. When a tank has any issues with rust or any other signs of corrosion, you should plan for an oil tank replacement immediately. It is much cheaper to replace a rusted and corroded tank than to have an expensive cleanup performed.

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The Risks Of Having Sludge Form

heating oil sludgeAs the levels in your fuel tank grow lower, sludge can begin entering the boiler or furnace via the supply line. An empty tank can cause the supply line to become clogged. The oil might wind up being pulled directly into the unit filter as well, to decrease the efficiency of the whole heating system ultimately. This situation can additionally cause your heater to start seizing, which will, in turn, leave the entire household absent of both hot water and heat. When this happens, most people have no idea of what's occurring. They keep turning their thermostats up to warm their cold home up, which invariably results in more spending. People who put their home heating oil deliveries off should consider the long-range inconvenience and added costs resulting from all the issues caused by having sludge enter the boiler or furnace via the supply line.


There are many simple, preventative measures that you can use to maintain your home heating oil tank properly, save cash, and reduce time and stress going forward. As you shop around for the best "oil delivery prices near me," and "home heating oil delivery near me", be sure to find an ethical, reputable company like Miller Oil Company. We offer the most competitive home heating oil prices and high-quality fuel. We also provide rapid delivery and honest service. Contact us today to set your home heating oil delivery up. We offer various delivery plans and financing options. You can additionally take advantage of our many other home comfort solutions like heater repair and heater maintenance services. Our specialty is home comfort. Get in contact with us know to get more information on our full range of services and solutions.

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Signs That Your Furnace Is About To Break Down

If you have a heating system in your home, you should take advantage of the mild temperatures of the fall to schedule an inspection. Before winter arrives and you depend on your heating system on a daily basis, you should have a professional check it to be sure that it will last another heating season. This is the best way to avoid a spike in your energy bills or a complete heating system breakdown.

Replacing your heating system can be costly. However, if you replace your dated heating system with an energy-efficient system, you can be sure that you will be warm and comfortable all winter long. If you have a professional come and assess the condition of your heating system, they can make the necessary repairs or recommend a complete replacement. Since losing heat during the winter is not safe or convenient, making this appointment is essential.

Signs That Your Furnace Is About To Break Down

Before the cold weather of winter approaches, you need to make sure that your furnace is in perfect working condition. Below are six signs that will indicate that your heater is in need of repair.

Your System Is Reaching Is Expected Lifespan

If you have your heating system maintained each year properly, it should last 15 to 20 years. If your furnace has reached this age, it can become less efficient. Also, the older your furnace gets, the more it will need to be repaired. If you notice that your furnace is making strange sounds, it there are strange smells, or if it is not performing properly, you could contact a certified technician. After inspecting your furnace, they will let you know if the problem can be repaired or if you should replace the system.

Heating Issues: Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace is no longer keeping your house as warm as it should, it could mean that the furnace is reaching the end of its life. This could mean that cold air is coming from the vents even if the heat is on.

There are a few issues that would cause the furnace to blow cold air. There could be an issue with the blower fan. If it doesn't have enough power to blow heated air through the home, you can start feeling cold spots. If the furnace isn't producing any heat at all, there could be an issue with the exchanger or the pilot light. If your home isn't as warm as you would like, you should contact a professional.

Frequent Need For Repairs

At a certain point in its life, your heating system will begin to require repairs. If you find that you are calling a professional to repair your furnace often, it might be time to think about investing in a new one. Frequent malfunctions often occur during the last two years of the furnace's life. If you find that you are frequently calling for repairs, you should consider a replacement.

Increased Heating Bills

If your heating bills have increased greatly, it could mean that your furnace has reached its maximum lifespan. When you set your thermostat to the desired temperature, your furnace will keep that temperature. However, if the heating system isn't working efficiently, it will need to work harder to keep the home warm which will require more energy. This will cause your heating bill to increase and your bank account to suffer.

The Color of the Burner Flame: Yellow vs. Blue

If your furnace runs on natural gas, the pilot light should always be blue. If your pilot light is yellow, it could mean that the furnace is no burning gas properly. Even worse, it could indicate that the unit is leaking carbon monoxide. This gas is called the silent killer because you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, but it can kill you. There are a few other signs that your furnace is having combustion issues such as rust, excess moisture, and the smell of rotten eggs. If you notice any of these signs coupled with a yellow pilot light, you should turn off the furnace, leave the house, and call a professional immediately.

Overheating Furnace Smell

If you smell hot metal or burning coming from your heater, there could be a problem. These are signs that your furnace is overheating, which could start a fire. If you smell these odors, you should turn off the heater immediately and contact an HVAC professional.


It is essential that you hire a skilled technician to inspect, maintain, and install your heating system. This type of work should never be a DIY job. A reputable technician can let your know if it is time to replace your unit or if a repair would suffice. If it is time for a replacement, they can help you find the best model for your home.

At Miller Oil Company, we hire only NATE certified technicians. We offer a variety of services including heating system tune-ups, repairs, replacements, and installations. Each of our techs has the knowledge and experience to keep your heating system working properly. We guarantee the lowest repair costs in the area. If you do need a replacement, we will recommend the best system for your home and your budget. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today. We also offer free in-home estimates.

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Importance Of Clean HVAC Air Filters

Most experts agree that the air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outdoors. The modern HVAC systems today are equipped with heating and cooling as well as an air filtration system to keep the indoor air clean. The more you use your HVAC system, the more dust, dander, and other substances will accumulate and clog the filters. This will reduce the level of air flow, and it can affect the quality of the air that is circulating throughout the house.

To learn more about why changing your HVAC filters regularly is so important to your family's health and to your budget, read on...

Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Levels

HVAC filters are responsible for trapping indoor pollutants such as mites, dust, anger, and hair. When these pollutants are trapped, they won't be able to circulate all around the house. When the filter has reached its maximum carry capacity, its ability to trap pollutants decreases drastically. This can have a negative effect on the air quality in the home.

Avoid Mold Growth

Dirty HVAC filters are the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This is especially true if the HVAC system is located in a warm, moist environment. If mold spores and bacteria are circulating around your home, it can result in sneezing, a runny nose, or the common cold.

When your filters are clean, you can be sure that mold and bacteria are not growing there. This is especially important if someone in the house has a weakened or compromised immune system.

Avoid System Failure

When your system is operating with a clogged filter, it puts a serious strain on the system. Over time, this can lead to the breakdown of components which can result in higher energy bills and the need for repairs. Also, this extra work that the system needs to do to keep the house comfortable can shorten the lifespan of the system.

If your system is strained, it can cause your system to freeze up or overheat. Either of these issues can result in a complete shutdown. This is the last thing that you want on the coldest day of the winter or the hottest day of the summer.

Maintain Efficient Energy Use

If your filters are clogged, your HVAC system is going to need more energy to run properly. When dust and dander clogs the filters, it can reduce the level of air flow in the home. This means that your system will need to work harder to effectively cool or heat the home. If you fail to clean your filters, your system will be 15 percent less energy efficient, which will cause your energy bulls to increase. For example, if you have clogged filters, your unit will need to work harder to pump the same amount of air. This will require more power, costing you more money.

Avoid Poor Home Comfort 

If your system is clogged, it is not going to work well. A clogged filter can result in poor air circulation and inefficient cooling due to blockages or overuse and wear and tear. If this happens, your home won't be as comfortable as it should be.

When To Change Your Air Filter

For your HVAC system to remain efficient and in proper working order, you should clean your air filter every month or two. You can also replace the entire filter entirely. Either option is a possibility because new air filters are inexpensive and they are easy to change.

There is no good reason to avoid cleaning or changing your air filter on a regular basis. Regular changing and cleaning of the air filters will ensure that the air quality in your home is safe to breathe. It will also ensure that your HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. A clean filter will cut down on your energy costs, and it will cut down on any unnecessary strain on the HVAC components. Your family deserves to breathe clean air; therefore, you should keep your air filters clean.

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Summer Energy Saving Tips For Every Homeowner

Many families are excited when the weather starts to warm up. The summer season comes with an array of activities that are enjoyable such as swimming in the pool, barbecues, and trips to the beach. While this is an excellent way to spend time outdoors, there is little compared to the relief that our air conditioner provides.

Our air conditioners work hard to combat the heat and humidity that is common with the hot weather. Without our cooling system, our homes would be unbearable. Anyone who has even had the unfortunate experience of an AC breakdown in the peak of the heat knows what going without an AC is like. Therefore, these units deserve the attention that they require to perform well. If you are a homeowner, make sure that you schedule an AC tune-up before the summer rolls in. This way, you can rely on it to keep your nice and comfortable even when the outdoor weather is extreme.

Not only is it vital to maintain your AC before the peak of the heat arrives, it is also important to make sure that your home is as energy effieicnt as possible. This way, you can feel the peace of mind that your comfort doesn't come with a high pricetag. No one wants to pay high cooling costs. Although a tune-up can help redcue your energy bills, there are additional methods that homeowners can use to help lower their energy use.

Below you will find some helpful tips that help achieve this:

Get An AC Tune-Up

As mentioned briefly above, an AC tune-up will help your unit perform at its peak efficiency. Dirty air conditioners have to strain, using more energy, to cool your house down. The more energy that it uses, the more that you will pay at the end of the month. Instead, you can invest a small amount to have it professionally maintained and pay much less on your energy costs. Furthermore, a system that receives proper maintenance is able to perform much better than a system that does not. It is a win-win situation for a such a small investment.

Seal And Insulate Your Home 

When your home has poor insulation, leaks, or cracks, then the cool air escapes and the hot air enters. Your air conditioner will have to work more to keep your home at the desired temperature. By sealing these cracks and leaks, you can prevent that conditioned air from escaping. Also, you can prevent your energy costs from escalating. If you are not sure where you are losing your conditioned air, then it is an excellent idea to schedule an energy audit. A professional has the ability to pinpoint exactly where your home's thermal weak spots are.

Keep Your Windows Closed And Your Vents Unobstructed

Many homeowners make the mistake of placing their furniture or drapes on top of or in front of their air vents. Although this may seem like a good idea, it actually obstructs the airflow that is necessary for your air conditioner to perform efficiently. This causes your unit to strain, increasing the energy that it needs to perform. This strain increases your energy bills and leads to unnecessary repair costs.

Be sure to remove any items that block your air vents. Also, it is important to note that you should leave all of your air vents open, even to rooms that are not used frequently. Your HVAC system is sized for your entire home and closing off vents actually causes your blower to work harder due to the added pressure. This means that although you think you are saving money by closing air vents, in reality, you are actually increasing the energy that your AC uses. An increase in energy leads to an increase in your energy costs.

Close Your Curtains To Block The Sun

Although natural lighting is beautiful, allowing the sun to enter your home also allows it to heat it up. Consequently, this causes your AC to work more to keep your home at the desired temperature. Instead, during the day, close your blinds or curtains and block the sun out.

Use A Ceiling Fan

One way to conserve energy in your home during the summer is with the use of fans. They create a windchill effect that helps you feel cool and comfortable. However, when leaving a room, be sure to turn off the fan. Fans cool people and not homes.

Install A Smart Or Programmable Thermostat

Modern smart thermostats are internet-enabled devices that you can control from anywhere. Therefore, even if you forgot to turn up the temperature before you leave home, you can still control your thermostats settings. Also, these devices learn your patterns and schedules which, in turn, it uses to help reduce your energy costs. Programmable thermostats, are also, excellent devices where you can pre-set a schedule and your thermostat will automatically raise and lower the temperature, based on those settings. Let's say, when you are on your way home from work, you can set it to cool your house down, right before you get home. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable and you will pay less for doing so.


When you use your oven, it adds extra heat into your home. Consequently, your AC has to work to compensate. Instead, think of cooking on the grill or you can use the microwave.


Following the above can really make a major impact when it comes to your summer energy costs. There are many other tips that you can use such as using major appliances at night due to the additional heat that they create. Also, you can change your light bulbs and use LED light bulbs instead. Think about upgrading your windows if you have single pane windows in your home.