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6 Ways In Which You May Be Placing Undue Stress On Your Home Furnace

6 Ways In Which You May Be Placing Undue Stress On Your Home Furnace was originally written and published on Miller's Oil Delivery and HVAC Blog

turning up thermostat during winter Furnaces are built to last and can have lifespans that extend for many years. However, if they are overused, abused, and neglected, they can wear down quickly. During the winter, the last thing that anyone wants to do is to live in a home with a malfunctioning and unreliable heater. Even though your furnace is fairly durable and robust, if you aren't using and caring for it properly it can break down prematurely. Over time, it can reach the point of failure. Moreover, furnace efficiency will invariably decrease over the months and years. Consequently, this results in higher home heating costs and higher HVAC repair bills. As such, it's important to know how to help your furnace do its job without it taking on any additional stress. [maxbutton id="18" text="Explore Our Heating Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Call To Schedule A Free, In-Home Estimate" ]

Different Ways In Which You May Be Causing Your Furnace To Overwork

A lot of people make the mistake of ignoring some of the early signs up furnace issues until real problems arise. Surprisingly, many homeowners make the additional mistake of contributing to furnace troubles. This article shares six different ways in which you may be overstressing or overworking your home furnace.

Failing To Turn Down Your Thermostat When Leaving

To maintain consistent levels of comfort in the home, some people keep their thermostats set at the exact same level even when leaving the residence unoccupied for long periods of time. This is absolutely unnecessary. It causes the furnace to work harder than it's meant to and to consume a lot of extra and unneeded energy. To cut your home energy costs and keep your furnace from overworking, consider using a thermostat that's programmable. This way, you can set the desired temperatures for your home during times when it's unoccupied and occupied. If your home doesn't have a programmable thermostat, just make sure to turn the thermostat down upon leaving. When you are in the house, be sure to maintain the recommended settings for your thermostat.

Allowing Cold Air To Seep Into The Home

If you're in the habit of keeping your doors and windows even slightly cracked, cold air can seep in. This is usually the case whenever a cold draft is felt. Check all windows and doors to ensure that they're closed securely and locked. Learning how to identify air drafts is important as well. Any holes, gaps, or cracks around your windows and doors can lead to cold air drafts. These things should be shored up right away.

Turning The Thermostat Up Too High Whenever You Feel Cold

If you are cold, you shouldn't crank your thermostat up high in order to rapidly heat your home. Start by verifying whether or not the thermostat is at the ideal temperature setting. If it isn't, turn to the perfect setting but do not crank it up beyond this. If it is already at the correct setting, avoid trying to raise the temperature any higher. This isn't going to make you feel warmer any faster and it will place a lot of undue stress on your furnace. Instead, use other methods such as dressing in warm layers or drinking a warm beverage. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Today: (860) 745-0326" ]

Blocking HVAC Vents With Furnishings Or Other Items

Many homeowners are guilty of keeping air return vents blocked with curtains, furnishings, or other items. At times, in the interest of indoor aesthetics, function, or general style. They overlook vent locations and place plants, furniture, and other solid objects right on top of the vents or in front of them. Placing furnishings in front of heat vents blocks the flow of air. When vent obstructions exist, the furnace is unable to evenly distribute the air. This is also the case when placing beds over vents even though this might seem like a great way to keep your sheets toasty and warm. While it may do just that, it will also prevent warm air from flowing throughout the room.

Not Having Yearly Furnace Maintenance Performed

Routine furnace check-ups and maintenance are absolutely vital for every household. Having your home heating system inspected on a regular basis will allow HVAC professionals to identify potential problems and take care of them. This will also help lower your energy bills and keep the furnace working efficiently. More importantly, if you aren't regularly changing the filter in your furnace, this can also cause your heating equipment to overwork. Check your furnace filter every month to make sure that it's clean and functioning like it should. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call To Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up" ]

Choosing The Absolute Cheapest Option In Home Furnace Replacement

Furnaces tend to become less efficient with age. They all eventually succumb to normal wear and the normal aging process. At some time or another, your home furnace will have to be replaced. A furnace that's new and far more energy-efficient will make a world of difference in overall home comfort, energy spending, and indoor air quality. You should, however, avoid buying the cheapest replacement furnace you can find. Remember that your home furnace is an important investment and that your entire household will be affected by its performance for years to come. [maxbutton id="18" text="Explore Our Furnace System Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Call To Schedule A Free, In-Home Estimate" ]

3 Signs That Your Home Furnace Is Being Overworked

Higher Heating Costs

high home water bill costs Your home utility bills will invariably spike during the winter months. However, if you see an unusual increase, there may be an issue with your furnace. A variety of factors can be responsible. Check and replace your air filter as needed. If the furnace filter appears to be in good condition, get in touch with a trusted HVAC company to have the heating system inspected.

Uneven Temperatures Throughout The Home

If your furnace is having a hard time maintaining the temperature that you've set and you notice hot and cold spots throughout the living environment, your furnace might not be working as it should. It is probably overworked and no longer able to meet the needs of your household. Get in touch with a furnace expert to have your heating system inspected and diagnosed.

Increasingly Frequent Furnace Repair Issues

If your home furnace is frequently in need of repairs, this is a sign that it's being overworked. Furnaces that have to work harder tend to wear down fast. After being overworked for some time, a furnace may need to be replaced earlier than expected. [maxbutton id="18" text="Learn More About Our Furnace Maintenance & Repair Services" ] [maxbutton id="1" text="Call To Schedule A Free Consultation" ]

Miller Oil Company Can Handle All Of Your Home Furnace Needs

Miller Oil Company Logo Home heating solutions are a fusion of art and science. Understanding how your HVAC system functions and knowing all that's necessary for efficient furnace operation is key. For more information on how to keep your HVAC system in excellent shape or for professional furnace replacement services, call a reputable HVAC company today. Miller Oil Company is the leading heating and cooling expert in the area. Our professionally certified team can solve all of your home furnace problems in a timely, knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly fashion. You can rely on us to give you competitive pricing. We'll also ensure your overall satisfaction with a solid guarantee on all the work that we do. Call Miller Oil Company to get an in-home estimate totally free of charge. [maxbutton id="1" text="Call Now: (860) 745-0326" ] [maxbutton id="15" text="Read Our Reviews" ] Click here to contact us today or give us a call at (860) 745-0326 if you have any questions.

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